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                                                                Not just for cowboys anymore!


Cowboy Hats - They're Not Just For Cowboys Anymore

I've always loved cowboy hats. That may seem pretty strange coming from someone who grew up in a big city in the northeast. And it's not because I watched too many John Wayne movies as a kid either. In fact I thought they were boring. The simple fact is that even as a small child, I just thought cowboy hats looked "cool". I still do. And judging from the popularity of these hats, I'm not alone.


You probably know at least some of the history. The old movies actually had it pretty accurate. Farmers and ranchers needed to be protected from the elements. Working outside all day in the rain, sun or blistering winds (think of the dust bowl in the Texas and Oklahoma plains) could be miserable. These babies were practical. And it wasn't just the elements either. They were perfect for fanning the flames on a fire or even collecting water from the streams to drink. There was a lot of uses for this practical headwear.


For now practicality, has given way to fashion. Look around at the latest pop culture. You'll see cowboy hats on musicians and actors. You'll see them in the fashion magazines. And of course, you still see them at the rodeo.


Of course when the fashion designers get a hold of an idea, they'll run with it. So now there is an amazing array of different styles and materials. Brand names like Stetson and Resistol will always be popular. But what do you want your cowboy hat to be made from? The choices are many. Straw, leather and felt are among the most popular.


Another thing happens when designers latch on to something. Prices tend to go up. Yes some of these cowboy hats can be pretty expensive, but they don't have to be. If you wear your hat every day in a work environment, then getting a custom made hat can be a good idea, and probably worth the expense. But if it's something you plan on wearing only occasionally, stay away from spending the big bucks. It's just not worth it. And there are plenty of good looking hats at discount prices.


So now that you know what you want, it's time to buy your new hat. Obviously we'd love for you buy cowboy hats here. You'll find a great selection at super low prices. It's funny how the large high end department stores now carry cowboy hats. Of course you'll be paying high end department store prices as well. And your selection will be limited. If you live in an area where they have western stores, you'll have a great selection and can probably find a pretty good deal there as well. It's definitely worth a quick car trip to check it out. But first we hope you'll browse around this website, read the available information, and check out what we have to offer.



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